We released today the version 1.3.12 of Banner Effect for Windows and Mac OSX.

It is a maintenance release with some bug fixes and optimizations.

Changes in details:

  • HTML5 Export: Do not use anymore [ and . (dot) character in generated files to avoid problem with Yahoo web hosting.
  • HTML5 Export: Correctly handle IE Quirk mode with clickable objects.
  • Project Settings: Now if this dialog is closed with the red cross, it is correctly handled as a cancel close.
  • Background Panel: If screen is too small to display all effects, a scrollbar is shown.
  • Banner exporter: Corrected an optimization issue with similar texts.
  • Banner exporter: Changed image quality settings output: now the quality will change more when using higher quality ticks.
  • Window Position: Now we check if the stored window position is visible, if not, we display it on the default position.
  • Click handling on touch devices: Changed the way we handle clicks on touch devices to avoid popup blockers.

Trial, and full editions have been updated and are available for all registered customers (using "Product Updates" page).