We released today the version 1.3.9 of Banner Effect for Windows and Mac OSX.

It is a maintenance release with only a few bug fixes.

Changes in details:

  • Mac OSX: Better handling of transparent images.
  • Images: Better handling of empty images.
  • HTML5: Changed the way we handle clicks to avoid popup blockers on Chrome and Firefox.
  • User Interface: Properties tab is now displayed correctly when using something else than 100% for Windows display size.
  • Flash: HTML code generated for Flash is better.
  • Flash: Corrected a problem when SWF was embedded in another SWF.
  • Effect duration: Corrected a problem - sometimes effect duration was reseted back to default value.
  • Banner size: Added new 'Half page' (300x600) predefined size for Google Adwords.

Trial, and full editions have been updated and are available for all registered customers (using "Product Updates" page).