We released today the version 1.1.0 of Banner Effect.

In details:

  • Internal structure change: Changed the way data is stored to be more compatible with popular advertising systems (DFP in particular).
  • IE8 Popup blocker problem: Changed the way we open clickTAG to avoid blocking in IE8.
  • Version checker: A small popup is now automatically displayed if a new version is available.
  • Browser: We now use default browser when opening a URL instead of Internet Explorer.
  • Banner Output: Enhanced the quality of picture and texts on banners.
  • Banner Output: Corrected a problem with flicking objects when changing slides.
  • Italian Translation: Corrected some texts.
  • Project Settings: You can now set the frame per seconds (FPS) for the banner.
  • Project Settings: You can now change the width and the height of the banner.
  • Main Tab: The size of the banner is now displayed on the main tab.
  • Drift Effect: 3 Drift Start/End Effects have been added.
  • Boing Effect: Boing Start/End Effect has been added.
  • HTML Preview: When exporting a banner, a html preview file can now be displayed to see the banner and the according code.
  • Fall Down Transition: Cleaned the fade effect, sometimes the text were not correctly displayed after this transition.
  • Cross Fade Transition: Cleaned the fade effect: looks better.
  • Ring Effect Transition: Fixed a display problem.
  • General Output: Texts and images look less blurry.
  • Ad Words Size: Added Mobile Leaderboard (300x50).
  • Minimum time for a slide: It is now 1[s] instead of 0[s] previously.
  • Effect List: List alphabetically ordered now.

Trial, and full editions have been updated and are available for all registered customers (using "Product Updates" page).