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Destination of the banner

During this step you will choose where you will publish the banner. Three choices are available to you:

Locally, on my hard drive

The software will save the various files of the banner on your computer, at the chosen location. This option is very useful when testing or when you generate non finalized versions of the banner.

On Banner-Effect's server

The software will automatically copy the banner on Banner-Effect's server and provide you the necessary code to display the banner. This is useful if you want/can not host the banner on your own site: it is a quick and easy way to put a banner online.

On my server, using FTP protocol

The software will copy the banner on your site using FTP. Details of connection to your server will be asked on a next step. This option is for advanced users who want to automate the publication of their banner on their site.

The option "On Banner-Effect's server" is not suitable if your site is very popular and has many visitors per day. In this case it is better to host the banner on your own site. Devsoft reserves the right to remove at any time a banner hosted on its servers if the bandwidth used is too large.