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Main tab overview
Main tab
The Main tab allows you to truly build the slide. It allows you to edit, add or remove items from slide. It consists of the following main elements:
  1. Banner Size: the pixel dimensions of the banner.
  2. The selected item: The currently selected item is surrounded by a red frame. To select an item, simply click on it.
  3. Zoom Options: change the zoom level of the main display. Auto will stretch the banner to fill the window.
  4. Delete Button: Click this button to delete the currently selected item. You can also press the DEL key on your keyboard.
  5. Settings for advancement of the slide: Here you can choose the display time of each slide.
  6. Properties of the selected object: This section displays the properties of the selected object. In this part of the interface you can choose exactly all the settings for each object (animation effects, color, etc. ...)